Why JaxGuard™ vs. other coating systems?

JaxGuard™: an outstanding corrosion-resistant high performance coating system in virtually every application. It has a proven track record of withstanding the most aggressive industrial environments. We regularly monitor the industry to ensure JaxGuard™ is the best system available.

The Product: JaxGuard™

JaxGuard™ has a higher solid content, allowing it to go on thicker than other systems, thus offering extended protection, flexibility, and durability. The high solid content yields a heavier film that is much less permeable.

Other systems have a dry film thickness of only 1mil. JaxGuard™ has more than double the thickness and still has only a minimal effect on heat transfer. JaxGuard  has superior resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and chemical exposure. After rigorous testing, it has shown no rusting, blistering, or loss of adhesion after 3000 hours of exposure to salt fog, acid salt spray test, and accelerated weathering.

  • Low VOC content
  • Superior impact and abrasion resistance to assure no cracking or flaking
  • Heat resistant up to 200° F of continuous exposure.
  • Consistently withstands the most extreme and rigorous industrial climates, extending the life of the coated product 6-10 years.

In summary, combining JaxGuard’s superior performance with our thorough coating process can save you time, money, and frustration. Jax can prolong the life of the costly equipment that is subjected to the harsh industrial environment in a cost effective and timely manner, making you and your customer happy.


How are Jax Coatings Better?

We all know that high quality products typically last longer, perform better, and are easier to maintain. At Jax, we use only the best materials with outstanding physical properties in order to provide the best solution for protecting your assets. Our polyurea coatings are 100% made in the USA, and with their rapid return-to-service qualities, we minimize downtime. 

The Product: JaxPro 5™

JaxPro 5™ is our workhorse coating system for vehicle protection. It is a low-pressure-applied polyurea coating that outperforms any other bed liner product on the market today. When properly applied, JaxPro 5 will protect against damage, dings, scrapes, gouges, and general wear and tear for the lifetime of your vehicle. Additionally, because JaxPro 5 is applied directly to the metal substrate, it also prevents rust and corrosion, unlike any type of drop-in bed liner system.

And it doesn’t have to be applied only to the truck bed! We have many customers who have coated their entire vehicle with JaxPro 5, giving them a virtually bulletproof finish. Rocker panels, side skirts, push bars, skid plates, and more — anywhere you want some extra protection from the environment is a perfect place for JaxPro 5!