Our Business

Who Are We?

You landed here because you’re interested in taking care of your stuff, and you’re wondering if Jax can help. It might be that you’ve decided you’re ready to not have to replace your condenser coils every other year, and you heard there was a way you could coat them for longevity. Or it might be that you have a vehicle you’d like to keep looking fresh and new (utility or toy, we don’t judge). Or perhaps you’re tired of salt corroding your garage door, or a host of other issues. Good news! You’ve come to the right place.

Jax has over 20 years of experience in the industrial and HVAC/R communities. We researched many protective coatings for HVAC/R coils and equipment. In extreme humid and corrosive environments, we found JaxGuard™ to deliver the superiority we needed. In addition to providing superior coatings, we are absolutely dedicated to a thorough but rapid turn around with lead times not exceeding 3-4 days in most cases. In addition, we also provide same-day pick-up of the product to be coated, and delivery once the project is completed. Finally, we can offer all of these services at a truly competitive price.

Why Jax?

All coatings aside, the product used to protect a coil’s surface is only as good as the surface preparation and application process itself. At Jax, our process is tedious and we don’t mind, because the results are outstanding.

  • We straighten any misaligned fins and inspect the equipment for any hidden damage.
  • We hand wash and clean all surfaces to be coated.
  • Next, we degrease the coil so that the coating will adhere to the surface for maximum durability and flake resistance.
  • After the unit is dry from the cleaning process, we tape off any important data plates to make reading critical information easier on the contractor.
  • Now, we are ready to prime the surface. We use a self-etching primer with outstanding adhesion to metals such as aluminum and copper for outstanding stability.

At Jax we don’t just throw primer into a gun and start spraying, we actually hand paint all copper elbows and aluminum fins that are difficult to reach using standard techniques (i.e. spray gun or submersion) to ensure maximum coverage. Remember: Your coating is only as good as your coverage!

After we hand paint the hard to reach areas with primer we spray not only the rest of the designated coil but also all copper, compressors, and skid at no extra cost.

Next, the JaxGuard™ topcoat is applied. JaxGuard is a hybrid polyurethane that is designed for exceptional resistance to corrosion and all types of industrial fall out. 

We use the exact same process for the topcoat as we do with the primer, hand painting all hard to reach surfaces, then spraying the remainder of the coil, copper, compressors, and pan.

The topcoat process is repeated twice, to once again, ensure maximum coverage all the while having a minimal effect on the head pressure. Not only does it protect the surface but the final coat makes it appealing to the eye as well.

Finally, we allow for the coat to fully cure, and then deliver it to your door at no extra cost.

Residential coils prepped for coating.

How long does this process take?

A typical lead time for Jax is 3-4 days!

At Jax we take pride in what we do. We treat each and every coil as if it were going on our on home, so that our customers know their product comes first and never gets lost in the shuffle.

So, why rely on Jax for your coil coating needs?

Because we employ a philosophy that uniquely combines quality work using superior products, efficient turn around, and impeccable customer service. Let us prove it to you and earn your business!