We Protect your coolest assets.

Welcome to JAX Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Coatings.

We offer the best in coating applications for your air conditioning equipment to extend the life of your coil in the harsh coastal environment.

Don't Let It Get Janky.

Environmental build-up and damage keeps your equipment from working to its full potential. Jax Coatings provide an added layer of protection against debris, grime, grit, salt, and other junk that will ruin the efficiency of your HVAC systems. For that matter, Jax Coatings can protect any equipment, infrastructure, or vehicle with our high performance coatings.

What We Do:

We provide a professional coating service with a 3-4 day turn around time in most cases on residential, commercial and industrial air conditioning equipment. At JAX, we strive for perfection so that you receive total satisfaction.

We have nearly 30 years of industry experience, and during that time have dealt with constraints of all types. Our extreme attention to detail means we are able to focus on providing the best protection available for your assets, no matter what they are. You’ll be amazed at the difference Jax Coatings will make.

Speedy Turn Around

No one likes down time. We don’t either. We strive to get every project completed as quickly as possible, and returned to service with lightning speed. 

Superior Work Quality

You want the best, and we would too. That’s why we train our installers to be laser focused on details that make the difference between good and great.

Top of the Line

Jax Coatings only uses the highest quality materials for our protective coatings. By maintaining meticulous standards, we give the best results.